Hydraulic Hoses

What are Hydraulic Hoses Made of?

Hydraulic hoses are typically made up of three components: an inner tube, a reinforcement layer, and an outer layer.

The inner tube is designed to be compatible with the liquid it carries, allowing both free-flowing elasticity and pressure-resistant stress bearing. The inner tube is often made from PTFE, thermoplastic, or synthetic rubber.

The reinforcement layer surrounds the inner tube and is composed of coils or braids. The coils and braids can me made of either wire or textile yarn. The reinforcement layer give support and strength to the hose while protecting the inner layer from tears.

The outer layer is made of rigid materials and is designed to protect and support the inner layers of the hose. This layer is often weather, oil, or abrasion resistant, depending on the type of environment the hydraulic hose is designed for.

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