Hose Assemblies

Custom Hose Assemblies

At HydraulicHoses.com, we offer custom hose assemblies. But what goes into a hose assembly?

At it's most basic, a hydraulic hose assembly is a length of hose with a properly attached fitting on each end. The hose and fittings are typically designed to be a matched set, but in a custom hose assembly, you can select any type of hydraulic hose and fitting, as long as they are compatible. There are several different characteristics that you should take into consideration before ordering your own custom hose assembly.

  • Size: Ensure that you have selected the correct hose and fitting size for your assembly. Hoses and fittings that are improperly sized can impede the flow of your assembly.
  • Temperature: Consider the ambient temperatures your system will be operating in. Select fittings and hoses accordingly, as choosing a component that degrades under your ambient temperatures may cause your hydraulic assembly to fail.
  • Application: Be sure to select hydraulic fittings and hoses that are rated for similar applications. A discrepancy between the intended applications of your fittings and hose could have adverse effects.
  • Pressure: The fittings and hose you select should be rated for the same or similar pressure ranges.

Taking these characteristics into account will result in a safe and effective hydraulic assembly.

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