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Our flareless CA360 brass compression fittings can be used with a wide variety of tubing including copper, plastic, aluminum, and steel. We offer a wide variety of brass compression adapters, ideal for your unique needs. The maximum operating pressure varies depending on tube size and type of tube used. The operating temperature range is between -65°F and 250°F.

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B-60 B-60 - Brass Fitting

Compression Tube Sleeve

B-61 B-61 - Brass Fitting

Compression Tube Nut

B-61L B-61L - Brass Fitting

Compression Tube Long Nut

B-62-BH B-62-BH - Brass Fitting

CT x CT Bulkhead Union

B-64 B-64 - Brass Fitting

CT x CT x CT Union Tee

B-65 B-65 - Brass Fitting

CT x CT 90° Union Elbow

B-69 B-69 - Brass Fitting

CT x MP 90° Elbow

B-70 B-70 - Brass Fitting

CT x FP 90° Elbow

B-71 B-71 - Brass Fitting

CT x MP x CT Run Tee

B-72 B-72 - Brass Fitting

CT x MP x CT Branch Tee

B-73 B-73 - Brass Fitting

Plastic Compression Tube Insert