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JIC adapter fittings have a 37 degree cone seat on the female adapter and a 37 degree flare on the male adapter.  When used together the fittings will form a complete mechanical seal.  JIC 37 degree fittings are an excellent choice for high pressure applications.  We offer a large assortment of JIC 37 Degree fittings and adapters that are equivalent to fittings from Parker Hydraulics, Eaton Aeroquip, Weatherhead, Goodyear, and Gate Hydraulics.
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2407 JIC Fitting SS-2407

JIC/AN Swivel Tube Reducer Insert

Stainless_JIC_Adapter_Fitting SS-403 - Stainless JIC Fitting

MJ x Counter Sunk Bore for Tubing

Stainless_JIC_Adapter_Fitting SS-2406 - Stainless JIC Fitting

FJ x MJ Tube Expander - Reducer

Stainless_JIC_Adapter_Fitting SS-2705 - Stainless JIC Fitting

FP x JIC Bulkhead Straight

Stainless_JIC_Adapter_Fitting SS-6600 - Stainless JIC Fitting

JIC Swivel Nut Branch Tee

Stainless_JIC_Adapter_Fitting SS-2703 - Stainless JIC Fitting

JIC Bulkhead Branch Tee

Stainless_JIC_Adapter_Fitting SS-2606 - Stainless JIC Fitting

MJ x NPT Female Run Tee

Stainless_JIC_Adapter_Fitting SS-2706 - Stainless JIC Fitting

MP x JIC Bulkhead Straight